UF001 LokDepot Tours in Basel

UrbanFarmers offers the possibility to see behind the curtains of our first commercial rooftop farm. Please visit our Tour Flyer for more details.

Tours are open again during Aug-Sept-October 2016 and also for Jan-Feb 2017. 


Tour Fee is updated to CHF 216 incl. MWSt. or 540 incl. MWSt.

Meanwhile, please visit UF002 De Schilde in The Hague here

Yes, we are interested in booking a tour at UF001 LokDepot in Basel with UrbanFarmers.

CHF 200.- for private tours and individuals (up to 7 people)

CHF 200.- for non-profit entities such as NGO's, associations, clubs and schools (up to 20 people)

CHF 500.- for coorporates and for-profit entities (up to 20 people)

* Date and Time will be confirmed by UrbanFarmers upon receipt.

Please register with full name and contact details here:


+++ UF Zwicky +++ Launch unserer dritten Farm in Wallisellen

12. September 2017


UrbanFarmers USA Inc. announces East Coast Campaign worth USD 30m

30. March 2016

At its March 10 “Tomato meets Big Apple” event in New York City, the Company announced its portfolio outlook in the East Coast. Read Press Release here.