UF Brand: our Magic Sauce for Commercial Success

All the farms are using the UF brand to communicate ultra-fresh, local produce.

The UrbanFarmers brand has been registered with Swiss and EU trademark offices and provides brand protection against new entrants and free riders that exploit the new category marketing investment by UrbanFarmers AG.

The UF Brand is communicated across all touch-points, including product packaging and point-of sales (POS) with a farmers market booth. UF branded retailers provide a holistic brand experience as local and ultra-fresh.


UrbanFarmers USA Inc. announces East Coast Campaign worth USD 30m

30. March 2016

At its March 10 “Tomato meets Big Apple” event in New York City, the Company announced its portfolio outlook in the East Coast. Read Press Release here.

UF002 De Schilde construction is complete!

28. March 2016

Press Release in Dutch and English