UF Bolt-on Systems: Turn-key solutions for aquaculture with Hydroponics

Think. Calculate. Join the Fresh.Revolution

– A new market opportunity for freshwater fish in production of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Re-circulating Aquaponics provides an efficient nutrient solution. As a by-product of fish production, growers can build a base nutrient solution for their existing hydroponic system and even recirculate used drain water to the UF Bolt-on system for conditioning and re-circulation.

For further consultation, please download the links to the brochures available in German, French, Dutch and English.

UF Bolt-On Aquaculture Systems enable the seamless integration of aquaculture systems into existing (hydroponic) production models for protected crops such as vegetables, fruits or flowers.

UF Bolt-on Systems: Your Benefits

  • Yields - No seasonality and year-around consistently high yields of fish
  • Cost – Cost reduction through savings in water consumption and fertilizer cost, as well as increased labor and land productivity of your existing operations
  • Risk – Low demand risk with strong interest by food retailers
  • Declaration – Seamless real time traceability and certification
  • Simplicity – Turn-key delivery and one point-of-contact for development, construction and operations of your system



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