Rooftop farms and bolt-on solutions

UF solutions enable you to enjoy ultra-local, ultra-fresh produce and fish in the city.

Rooftop farms are growing food directly on the rooftops of industrial or commercial property owners (such as grocery retail stores) that want to monetize their existing vacant rooftop spaces. We have pioneered a first pilot farm in Basel delivering annually 5t of vegetables and 1t of fish directly to local restaurants, as well as a large supermarket (Migros M-Parc) on Fridays and Saturdays.

UF Bolt-on Systems have a modular design in three sizes of 250sqm, 500sqm and 1’000sqm in size. Due to the fact that the UF Bolt-on System uses the existing greenhouse infrastructure with growers, the system is less capital-intensive as the rooftop farm business case and therefore results in a more profitable business case for the grower:

If you are a grocery retailer or commercial grower, contact us for details.


+++ UF Zwicky +++ Launch unserer dritten Farm in Wallisellen

12. September 2017


UrbanFarmers USA Inc. announces East Coast Campaign worth USD 30m

30. March 2016

At its March 10 “Tomato meets Big Apple” event in New York City, the Company announced its portfolio outlook in the East Coast. Read Press Release here.