The Fresh.Revolution

Rooftop farms provide a new experience by revolutionizing fresh. When food is grown directly on your roof, just a few steps away, you will see, smell, and taste the difference. What’s more, rooftop farms enable enterprises to monetize their currently vacant real estate assets, and reduce their environmental impact.


20% of all food should and could come from the city! UrbanFarmers builds the commercial food production systems in and around cities, deploys state-of-the-art technology, operational know-how, and establishes a consumer brand (UrbanFarmers) that warrants safe (organic), ultra-local, and ultra-fresh produce.



UrbanFarmers is the leading urban agriculture company with

  • The ability and solutions to develop & finance commercial food production systems in cities
  • The operational know-how to operate & maintain highly efficient large-scale farm systems, such as Aquaponic systems, with our proprietary operating platform (UF Controller, UF Node)
  • A leading brand that provides a price umbrella to warrant premium prices for ultra-fresh, ultra-local fresh produce & fish.

Contact us about how you can grow food on your roof and make money. 


+++ UF Zwicky +++ Launch unserer dritten Farm in Wallisellen

12. September 2017


UrbanFarmers USA Inc. announces East Coast Campaign worth USD 30m

30. March 2016

At its March 10 “Tomato meets Big Apple” event in New York City, the Company announced its portfolio outlook in the East Coast. Read Press Release here.