Roman Gaus

Roman Gaus, lic.oec.HSG

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As the Founder & CEO of UrbanFarmers, Roman has developed UF’s vision how food could be grown in the city at large scale. He noticed the urban agriculture trend abroad, and learned about breakthrough Swiss technology that could make it more reliable and sustainable. Then one day while flying back into the city, he noticed the thousands of empty rooftops, and connected the dots. UrbanFarmers was born.

Before starting UrbanFarmers, Roman has a 10-year track record across food & health sectors in Europe and North America. Roman started his career in Brand Management with fast-moving consumer goods companies such as Procter&Gamble and Novartis Consumer Health, where Roman covered OTC pharmaceuticals and a range of personal health care brands. Later, he joined Franke Group, a Swiss food and beverage industrial company with CHF 2.4bn in sales. His first job as Assistant to CEO & Group Management covered assignments in international M&A, innovation and turn-around projects. Later, as Franke’s youngest General Manager, Roman ran Franke Coffee Systems North America, a leader in the super-automatic espresso equipment market with customers such as Panera Bread, McDonalds or Hilton Hotels. Roman is a graduate at the University St.Gallen (HSG) with a M.A. in Accounting, Finance and Controlling. Together with his wife and two boys he lives in Zurich where he enjoys cooking a healthy meal with local and freshly sourced ingredients.