UF Controller - Welcome to Smart Farming!

UF uses proprietary technology to monitor, record, control and automate UF Systems 24/7 through the UF Controller. The UF Controller is a LabView software protocol based on hardware from National Instruments (NI), which connects all major farm sub-systems such as filters, pumps, timers, actors and sensors.

Through the UF Controller, the production environment can be fully controlled, enabling real-time performance monitoring, system automation as well as data analysis and storage capabilities for the farm operator.


  • Maintain full connectivity with any major Aquaculture and Hydroponic OEM equipment specification
  • Automate key production processes such as fish feeding, nutrient dosing and water pumps throughout the entire growing process of your fish and crops
  • Log important farm activities such as seeding and harvesting or fish feeding and fertilizer additions by your farm crew
  • Report farm performance real-time, accurately and consistently
  • Monitor 24/7 all critical performance aspects of your production including water quality and greenhouse climate
  • Access farm dashboard remotely through the Internet
  • Store and back-up all operational data on UF data cloud
  • Download your data into excel
  • Set important alarm functions and emergency escalation procedures 


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