UF Controller - Welcome to Smart Farming!

UF uses proprietary technology to monitor, record, control and automate UF Systems 24/7 through the UF Controller. The UF Controller is a LabView software protocol based on hardware from National Instruments (NI), which connects all major farm sub-systems such as filters, pumps, timers, actors and sensors.

Through the UF Controller, the production environment can be fully controlled, enabling real-time performance monitoring, system automation as well as data analysis and storage capabilities for the farm operator.


  • Maintain full connectivity with any major Aquaculture and Hydroponic OEM equipment specification
  • Automate key production processes such as fish feeding, nutrient dosing and water pumps throughout the entire growing process of your fish and crops
  • Log important farm activities such as seeding and harvesting or fish feeding and fertilizer additions by your farm crew
  • Report farm performance real-time, accurately and consistently
  • Monitor 24/7 all critical performance aspects of your production including water quality and greenhouse climate
  • Access farm dashboard remotely through the Internet
  • Store and back-up all operational data on UF data cloud
  • Download your data into excel
  • Set important alarm functions and emergency escalation procedures 


UF Newsletter (Q2, 2014)

22. July 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. Read more

UF Fresh.Revolution Congress 1.0

28. May 2014

It was a pleasure having a special group of friends and business partners at our first UF Fresh.Revolution Congress 1.0 in Zurich. Cherry Salmon and UF Tilapia provided by UrbanFarmers. Dinner provided by Maison Manesse. A special thank-you to Fabian, Migi and the Maison Manesse Team for an unforgettable evening! A big thank-you to the Impact […]

“Gemüseanbau auf den Dächern von Basel”, FAZ

09. December 2013

Roman Gaus und Andreas Graber setzen auf Landwirtschaft in der Stadt