Die Rostlaube - the birth of our very first German copy-cat

In 2011, under the name “Rostlaube”, UrbanFarmers shipped the first “UF BOX” went to Berlin, Germany. Soon after delivering our first prototype to a prospective rooftop farm customer at Malzfabrik, we found ourselves caught in surprise as the UF BOX was used by copy-cat “Efficient-Farming Systems (ECF)” to launch their very own urban farming franchise in Germany….with our product they had a fantastic free-ride and benefited from PR that UF had created in the first place. Thanks guys!





Customers frequently ask us what the current link between UF and ECF is. - None! If you have any doubts as to who is the true originator of the UF BOX concept, please read here in DER SPIEGEL.


UF Newsletter (Q2, 2014)

22. July 2014

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. Read more

UF Fresh.Revolution Congress 1.0

28. May 2014

It was a pleasure having a special group of friends and business partners at our first UF Fresh.Revolution Congress 1.0 in Zurich. Cherry Salmon and UF Tilapia provided by UrbanFarmers. Dinner provided by Maison Manesse. A special thank-you to Fabian, Migi and the Maison Manesse Team for an unforgettable evening! A big thank-you to the Impact […]

“Gemüseanbau auf den Dächern von Basel”, FAZ

09. December 2013

Roman Gaus und Andreas Graber setzen auf Landwirtschaft in der Stadt