UF001 LokDepot - The first commercial aquaponic rooftop farm worldwide

Since 2013, we operate UF001 LokDepot as our first commercial aquaponic rooftop farm. Based in the Dreispitz area south of Basel, just a few tram stops from the heart of the city, we operate a 250m2 rooftop greenhouse with fresh fish and healthy vegetables.

UF001 LokDepot is our pilot for rooftop farming, leading on to more sizeable, and commercially viable business models for our customers. During 2013, we are running a series of R&D test



Inauguration of construction and finished greenhouse Oct 26, 2012
UF001 Grand Opening with over 500 local and international guests May 25, 2013
Launch of MIGROS Basel test-sale into MParc Dreispitz Aug 16, 2013

 together with the University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Wädenswil in order to test functionality, robustness and quality of our production processes as well as to ensure delivery of our Fresh.Revolution.Basket.Pro allotments to leading restaurants in town. Everything we do from seeding to harvest is supported via the UF Controller, our proprietary farm control software.

UF001 LokDepot can be visited for private & corporate tours. Check out our Tour Packages. Directions to UF001 LokDepot can be found here.
 Main Facts

AddressUF001 LokDepot
c/o Christoph Merian Stiftung
Frankfurtstrasse 21
4053 Basel
Start of constructionJuly 2012
Start of productionJan 2013
Annual production volume5 tons of vegetables, 850kg of fish
Customer baseLeading restaurants in Basel: Schmatz, Schifferhaus, and Osteria Acqua
Sales model

Weekly Revolution.Basket.Pro fish & vegetable baskets

Migros MParc Dreispitz weekly direct sales on Fridays and Saturdays


UF Series A Closing of CHF 2.1m

31. March 2015

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UF Newsletter (Q2, 2014)

22. July 2014

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UF Fresh.Revolution Congress 1.0

28. May 2014

It was a pleasure having a special group of friends and business partners at our first UF Fresh.Revolution Congress 1.0 in Zurich. Cherry Salmon and UF Tilapia provided by UrbanFarmers. Dinner provided by Maison Manesse. A special thank-you to Fabian, Migi and the Maison Manesse Team for an unforgettable evening! A big thank-you to the Impact […]