UF Rooftop Farms: Redefining ultra-local, ultra-fresh.

Rooftop farms are our flagship solution for grocery retailers and property owners that want to achieve a new meaning to the term “productive roof”.

In January 2013 we launched our pilot rooftop farm in Basel, Switzerland. Read more about UF001 LokDepot.

Grocery Retailers:

With Migros, Switerland’s largest grocery retailers with CHF 27bn in sales, UF has successfully demonstrated the ability to secure a major grocery retail key account. Growth with grocery retailers is driven by developing rooftop farms on top of their existing supermarkets, processing and distribution real-estate portfolio, as well as by building farms on third-party buildings such as large industrial conglomerates nearby.

Key Benefits:

  •  Differentiate their fresh produce category against low-cost discounters and online sales. Increasing competition from online food sales mean customers need a reason to visit the store. UF solutions are driving new customer experiences at the point-of-sale and making the shopping experience richer and more rewarding.  A UF rooftop engages the consumer and identifies new demographics that are paying premium prices for organic, locally grown food.


  • Drive category growth and market share with new category offering of ultra-local, ultra-fresh. Retail fight for better, a fresher and healthier fresh produce assortment has also resulted in a host of labels such as “organic”, “locally grown”, or “fair trade”. However, these labels do not provide competitive advantage because they are not proprietary to the retailer. The UF brand means a competitive solution to effectively drive category growth and win market share against commodities and labels alike.


 Key Facts


> 1000sqm

Commercial-scale means that rooftop farms can only start at a certain size of at least 1'000 sqm for available greenhouse space on the roof.


Annual Production Capacity> 7'300kg  fish
> 9'800kg vegetables (tomatoes and peppers, herbs, salads, micro-greens)

Several specialty varieties of heirloom tomatoes, chilies and salad varieties are driving a new taste preference for consumers. We are happy to show you a taste taste from our farm!


UF System

A rooftop farm includes the UF System for the Greenhouse, The recirculating aquaculture system as well as the hydroponic system for growing vegetables.

All our UF System components are sourced from globally leading OEM and Technical Partners.

Smart building integration with the HVAC equipment of the building allows for an efficient energy and waste heat use where possible.


UF Proprietary Operating Platform

UF uses proprietary technology to monitor, record and automate the UF System through the UF Controller and UF Node. 






UF develops “Farm Scout” App

11. August 2015

With the support of M-Engagement, UF launches the development of the UF Farm Scout App, an app that helps every city dweller check the farming potential of unused spaces and receive options on using roofs sustainably. Please find here the following Press Releases from M-Engagement in DE, EN and FR. – Press Release French – […]

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06. July 2015

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31. March 2015

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