UF Box: A mobile Showcase and Teaching Unit

UrbanFarmersBOX is a 20sqm mobile urban farming unit used for events, teaching and explanation about sustainable urban food production and Aquaponics.

The UF BOX is a small-scale food production unit that can be placed in backyards or on parking lots. The UFBOX uses aquaponic technology for the production of 60kg fresh fish and 120kg fresh vegetables per annum. The UFBOX uses aquaponic technology developed by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and allows for ultra-local, ultra-fresh vegetable and fish production without the use of herbicides or pesticides. The BOX is perfect for schools and small enterprises as a teaching tool.

Since 2011, the Box has been successfully been in operations in several locations throughout Switzerland.

If you wonder how the BOX looks like in real life read more about our Zurich Project.

More information on the UF Box and how to integrate it into your specific curriculum or event can be obtained via the UF Box 1-Pager in the download section.

Aleix Ferrer Duch, UF Operations, aleix@urbanfarmers.com, +41 – 79 – 670-44-07

 Key Facts

Production60kg  fish
120kg vegetables
SpecsMobile and transportable
LocationSchools, parking lots, backyards and other public places


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