Freshen up your city

Rooftop farms provide a new experience by revolutionizing fresh. When food is grown directly on your roof, just a few steps away, you will see, smell, and taste the difference. What’s more, rooftop farms enable enterprises to monetize their currently vacant real estate assets, and reduce their environmental impact.

Fresh food is better food. We are revolutionizing the way people enjoy fresh food in the city. With our systems everyone can enjoy the freshest food possible because the food is grown where people live. Join us on the roof!

We're changing the food system one tomato at a time. Our urban rooftop farms save energy, water and natural resources. We farm vegetables and fish without fossil-fuel-based fertilizers, chemical pesticides, or antibiotics, and we do it sustainably and on large scale.

Rooftop farms have the potential to transform your vacant real estate asset into a business opportunity. We love watching a vacant rooftop or an underutilized building get transformed into a lush and thriving oasis of organically grown food. Contact us about how you can grow food on your roof and make money.